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Project activities for in the classroom or at home

By Oxford University Press.

Who are your family and friends?

Where can we see colors?

How can we make music?

Oxford Discover 2nd edition uses Big Questions such as these to tap into children's natural curiosity. It enables them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them.

Each unit ends with a project lesson based around the 'big question' that is asked at the beginning of the lesson. These projects encourage creativity and critical thinking and can be used in the classroom but could also be completed at home.

Here are a few you can do at home with your children:

Space is such an interesting topic for children to learn about. Get them to create their own solar system and present it to friends or family.


Interview an adult PDF (885 KB)

As people, we all have very different experiences and opinions. Get your children to come up with some questions and ask them to interview a friend or family member.


Where would your children most like to visit? What is it like there? Ask them to create a travel advert for this destination and get them to find out some facts about the chosen place.


Learning about animals is very interesting! Why not try creating these animal picture cards with your children and get them to find out 3 exciting facts about their favourite animal.


Write a poem PDF (844 KB)

Ask your children to choose a topic they would like to write about. Get them to come up with words and phrases to describe that topic. They should put these words and phrases into a poem. They could even make it rhyme if they would like to!


Get your children to pick their favourite country and ask them to put together a travel brochure. What can you do there? What food can you eat there? What’s the weather like there? After they have completed the brochure, they can present it to their family or friends.

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