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Home Learning Resources

By: Ladybird Education

Sometimes you need a helping hand to get little ones on their reading journey. This range of guides, videos and activities will help entertain whilst also developing their literacy skills.

Ladybird Readers:

Ladybird Readers are ELT graded readers featuring traditional tales, non-fiction and favourite characters to engage and inspire English language learners. There are eight levels of Ladybird Readers and the books are recommended for children aged 3–11. Download the Ladybird Readers User Guide to learn how to use this fantastic series at home.

Ladybird Readers Summer Activity Pack:

The Ladybird Readers Summer Activity Pack is full of fun for your little ones. Download some printables to create and make with your little one at home, from Peppa Pig finger puppets to a Puss in Boots mask. These activities are perfect for rainy days or those moments when you need a helping hand to banish boredom.

Ladybird Readers parent tips video

Discover some helpful tips and tricks to help you teach your little ones to read at home.

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