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Extreme Weather QUIZ | Build your Vocabulary

Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as the temperature, and if there is wind, rain, sun, etc. Extreme weather is when the weather becomes excessive, such as too much sun or too little rain causing a drought. Do you know the words connected with extreme weather?

Match each word or expression from the box with its definition below. Look up the words in Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries and use the information in the entry to help you.

1. a calm area at the centre of a storm

Answer: eye

2. a column of water that is pulled up from the sea during a storm by a column of air that turns round and round rapidly

Answer: waterspout

3. a violent storm with very strong winds that move in a circle. There is often also a long cloud that is narrower at the bottom than the top

Answer: tornado

4. a snowstorm with very strong winds

Answer: blizzard

5. a storm in a desert in which sand is blown into the air by strong winds

Answer.: sandstorm

6. a storm where there is very strong wind but little rain or snow

Answer: windstorm

7. a storm that carries clouds of dust in the wind over a wide area

Answer: duststorm

8. a storm with thunder and lightning and usually very heavy rain

Answer: thunderstorm

9. an informal word for a tornado

Answer: twister

10. a violent storm in which electricity is produced in the atmosphere

Answer: electrical storm

11. a violent storm with very strong winds, especially in the western Atlantic Ocean

Answer: hurricane

12. a violent tropical storm with very strong winds

Answer: typhoon

13. a sudden flood of water caused by heavy rain

Answer: flash flood

How many did you get?

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