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Climate change vocabulary you NEED to know

Climate change is the change we see in the earth’s weather. It can include changes in temperature, wind patterns, and rainfall. Do you know the words connected with climate change?

Use the words or expressions from the box below to fill the gaps in the sentences. Look up the words in Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries and use the information in the entry to help you.

1. A _______________ city is powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

Answer: zero-carbon

2. Green vehicles have lower ___________ emissions than normal vehicles.

Answer: carbon

3. More and more cities around the world have declared a __________________.

Answer: climate emergency

4. She is studying the effects of __________________ on different ecosystems.

Answer: climate change OR global warming

5. The company is considering ways to reduce its ______________.

Answer: carbon footprint

6. The ____________________ is the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of harmful gases.

Answer: greenhouse effect

7. There is compelling evidence to suggest that ______________ is responsible for melting the Earth’s glaciers.

Answer: climate change OR global warming

8. There is now abundant evidence that human activity is affecting the ______________.

Answer: climate

9. The simplest thing we can do to start repaying our individual ______________ is to plant trees.

Answer. carbon debt

10. ________________ is produced when we burn fossil fuels.

Answer: carbon dioxide

How many did you get?

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