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10 amazing social media pages to help you learn English

By Oxford University Press, Aysu Şimşek

English is the most spoken language on the internet. That means there are lots of opportunities for you to practise, improve and learn English online. In fact, there are thousands of English language channels on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They offer lots of ways to read in English, watch videos and even interact with other English speakers and learners. With so many options, it can be hard to find the best accounts and channels to follow. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten of our favourite social media accounts and pages for learning English – just for you. Check them out below and start following some today!

1. Learning English with Oxford (Facebook Page)  Where else to start but our very own Facebook Page? The Oxford University Press team shares lots of fun, interesting language learning ideas – we’re sure you’ll love our videos, tips, explainers… and blog posts, of course. We like nothing more than to read your comments and questions. Like our page and tell us what you want to learn about next. We can’t wait to hear from you! Like our page on Facebook here

2. Learn English Online (Facebook page) Learn English Online is a popular Facebook page for language learners. It shares all sorts of English content, from grammar tips and reading materials to videos and fun images.  You can find the Facebook page here. 3. English Chat and Learning Club (Facebook group) If you want to practise speaking English, then English Chat and Learning Club is another great place to start. This Facebook group is aimed at students from all over the world – and has over 450,000 members!  Join the group here: English Chat and Learning Club. 4. Learn English with Lucy (YouTube) English with Lucy is a fabulous YouTube channel for English language learners –  but it is especially interesting if you want to focus on learning British English. Covering pronunciation, grammar, verbs, accents, Britishisms and many other topics, it’s a very popular series with over 3 million subscribers! Watch and subscribe to English with Lucy here 5. Learn English with TV Series (YouTube) Imagine being able to watch television in English and being able to understand everything without subtitles. It certainly sounds like a challenge! Well, that’s what Learn English with TV Series wants to help you do. This fun YouTube channel breaks down the language in lots of different TV series and films and helps you learn a lot of practical, real-world English. You can watch and subscribe to Learn English with TV series here 6. In English With Love (Instagram) Sama is an English teacher who uses inspirational quotes and beautiful design on Instagram to offer you English tips and teach lots of interesting language, grammar and phrases. Join over 100,000 In English With Love followers on Instagram and start learning from Sama!  Follow Sama’s account here @inenglishwithlove 7. Pronunciation with Emma (Instagram) Many language students find English pronunciation hard. It’s not a surprise, English has lots of irregular spellings and different combinations of sounds. The good news is Pronunciation with Emma is here to help! Emma makes short videos that are specially designed to help you with pronunciation.  Follow Emma’s account here @pronunciationwithemma. 8. BBC’s Learning English (Twitter) The BBC shares quiz questions, tips, short videos and idioms on it’s fun Twitter page. You can answer questions and get feedback, and learn a lot of new language in the process. Join 500,000 other followers and improve your English one tweet at a time.  Follow BBC Learning English here. 9. Grammar Girl (Twitter) The Grammar Girl Twitter account is run by the famous author, podcaster and social media superstar, Mignon Fogarty. While this page is not specifically aimed at language learners, you will pick up language tips, read interesting articles and immerse yourself in lots of real-world English. Follow Grammar Girl on Twitter here 10. Don’t miss our NEW Instagram account! We’re pleased to announce that we have just launched our very own Instagram account for English language learners.  Come and join us today: we’ll be sharing tips, vocabulary, videos and stories. We would love to welcome you as part of our community. 

By Oxford University Press / January 28, 2020

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