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“Fostering Genuine Inquiry: Inquiry-Based Teaching, Made Easy”
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David Lozano

David Lozano has been an active participant in education since the early 2000s. He holds a B.A. in Bilingual Education with a specialization in Middle Grades; a Teacher Certificate in Middle Grades Language Arts, E.S.O.L., and Reading from the State of Georgia; and a Master Trainer Certification issued by Pearson. Having taught levels K-12 in Mexico and the United States, has given him insight into the dynamics of multicultural, international classrooms. Past presenter at KSU’s Annual ESOL Conference and PROULEX’s FIID; avid reader and coffee aficionado, he currently serves as a Sales Academic Consultant for Pearson PLC in Northeastern Mexico.

"Closing Plenary: Pendiente"
Sandra Story

Sandra Story is a Regional English Language Officer (RELO) with the U.S. Department of State. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood from the Universidad San Buenaventura. She earned three master’s degrees in special education, TESOL and Bilingual Special Education, and Educational Administration from Marymount University, George Washington University, and the University of Notre Dame, respectively. Prior to joining the Department, Sandra was a teacher and coordinator in a Dual Language School, a principal at both charter and private schools in Washington, DC and a Secondary English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher in Arlington and Alexandria Public Schools in Virginia for more than 20 years. In 2019, she started her foreign service life in the Office of English Language Programs at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In September 2021, she arrived in Bahrain to become the Regional English Language Officer covering the Gulf region. She will be starting her next assignment as RELO Lima in October 2023. Sandra speaks Spanish and some Arabic.

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"Unleashing Creativity: Divergent Thinking Strategies for Engaging ELT"
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Gustavo Gonzalez

Gustavo González is an international English teacher and teacher educator from Argentina. He holds a postgraduate degree from the National University of Buenos Aires, a postgraduate diploma on Education and New Technologies (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) and a diploma on Neurosciences for Educators (Asociación Educar and the National University of Buenos Aires). He has been working as a teacher, school coordinator, teacher trainer and presenter since 1993. He has been delivering seminars and workshops all over Argentina, South, Central and North America, China, Spain and Singapore as a freelancer for Oxford University Press and Trinity College London. He is a former vice president of APIBA, the Buenos Aires English Teachers’ Association and former vice president of FAAPI, the Argentine Federation of English Teachers’ Associations.

"Extensive Reading: Read your way to better English."
Ricardo Benavides

Ricardo Benavides holds a B.A in Latin American Studies from California State University, Hayward (today California State University, East Bay), and a Graduate Certificate in TESOL from San Jose State University in California. He worked in California for several years as an ESL instructor and bilingual education specialist at different institutions, both private and public. In Peru, Ricardo taught English at the Instituto de Idiomas de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (today Idiomas PUCP) from 1995-1998, and from 2001-2006. He has also worked as a teacher of History at Markham College, teaching IGCSE and general History courses. Since 2006, he has been employed by Oxford University Press as an ELT educational consultant, carrying out, among other duties, product training sessions, workshops, and plenaries both in Peru and abroad.

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"How the Brain Learns"
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Elsa Carrera

Educational Coach for Pearson in Peru and Bolivia. Elsa holds a Bachelor´s degree in Education with specialty in English (UDEP). She has completed her studies in Education Management (Master - UDEP). She holds Cambridge (FCE) and Michigan (ECPE) Certifications, and she has taken a course in strategies B2B in Centrum - Universidad Católica. She is a Certified Virtual Master Trainer She worked as an Educational Consultant for Pearson for almost two years.

"English as a Tool for Global Citizenship"
Indira León

An experienced English instructor with 20+ years teaching all CEFR levels, Indira León has seen the steps English students take from the very beginning in their learning process until they get international certifications. She has been a proctor and conducted interviews with candidates for international exams such as ECCE, ECPE, DELE and others. During her career at a binational center, she has participated in pilot programs to implement teaching techniques, delivered Methodology and teaching practice courses as well as elaborated training material for new teachers and new courses. She is also a teacher trainer at the Specialization Program in English Language Teaching at Universidad Ricardo Palma.

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