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Gustavo Gonzalez


Gustavo González is an international English teacher and teacher educator from Argentina. He holds a postgraduate degree from the National University of Buenos Aires, a postgraduate diploma on Education and New Technologies (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) and a diploma on Neurosciences for Educators (Asociación Educar and the National University of Buenos Aires).


He has been working as a teacher, school coordinator, teacher trainer and presenter since 1993. He has been delivering seminars and workshops all over Argentina, South, Central and North America, China, Spain and Singapore as a freelancer for Oxford University Press and Trinity College London. He is a former vice president of APIBA, the Buenos Aires English Teachers’ Association and former vice president of FAAPI, the Argentine Federation of English Teachers’ Associations.

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Débora Dichiara


Graduated as a Teacher of English at IES N° 28 "Olga Cossettini" in Rosario, Argentina. Débora holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Social and Emotional Learning. She is an ICT Specialist (UBA) and she is completing her studies in Educational Technology at UTN (Licenciatura en Tecnología Educativa).


She has taught English to young learners, adolescents and adults for more than 10 years and delivered drama courses in English for adults. She's worked as a Sales and Academic Consultant for Pearson for more than eight years.  

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Jhon Howard Galindo

John Howard Galindo is a TEFL-certified teacher with over 20 years of experience working in ELT as a coordinator, teacher, and teacher trainer. He holds a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and a B.A. in Business which has allowed him to understand education as a learning experience that needs to be approached differently.


Throughout his professional life, he has been loyal to the promise of sharing knowledge to help others achieve better opportunities by using English as a means to do so. He has been teaching at all levels of both formal and non-formal institutions, having worked with students and teachers from different countries in Latin America, sharing insights to motivate people to change the world one step at a time. John has combined his expertise in marketing and business to make meaningful lessons that motivate learners to reach their full potential.

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José Gabriel Garnica

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Psychologist from UNAM FES Zaragoza, and teacher with 15 years of experience.
Customer Success Coordinator LATAM at Edpuzzle.

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