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Fun, memorable lessons through student engagement

Saturday 8th -  9:00 am

I strongly believe it is very important to have fun while learning. Our students tend to get distracted very easily nowadays, both in face-to-face and online lessons, and it gets harder and harder for the English teacher to engage them to work effectively in class. Let’s resort to our never-ending creativity as teachers and explore together different activities that will generate interest and enthusiasm, which will naturally result in our students’ willingness and eagerness to use English for effective communication.

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Gustavo Gonzalez

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Sailing into the performance-based approach to language learning

Saturday 8th - 10:00 am

Learning and teaching English is a journey that not only takes time but also requires perseverance, optimism, resilience... We believe English Language is instrumental in achieving big life steps.


Let´s sail together into performance-based approach to language learning and teaching to give learners the proof they need to take their next big step. 

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Débora Dichiara


Learning profiles and strategies for the classroom

Saturday 8th - 11:00 am

Getting to know our learners and customizing activities that suit their specific needs have proven to be effective ways to improve learning processes in students of different age groups. In this presentation, you will find some very useful ideas and simple tools to implement in your classes to develop different skills and optimize your classes. 

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John Galindo


The impact of video on education

Saturday 8th - 12:00 pm
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Gabriel Garnica

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